What is the Global Program?

The Global Program is the investment in your future. The program is designed to equip you with practical skills while also enriching you with theoretical knowledge blended to suit the international market standards. It provides you the opportunity to study abroad for one semester covering fundamentals of business sciences, marketing, financial management and human resource. Whilst grounding you into the basics, it offers specialization in your key area of interest.

“Global Program is the combo of academic excellence with intercultural proficiency. The Program provides you the opportunity to complete part of your graduation from top universities around the globe. Succinctly put it is the X-factor you aspire for your resume.” (Naveed Mughal - Student Provost)

Who can apply for the global partner program?
  • Candidates are eligible after the completion of the second semester of their degree program at Greenwich University.
  • Candidates must maintain a good academic record to qualify for the program.
  • Candidates must demonstrate excellent communication skills.
What are the prospects for me?
  • Acquire a globally recognized degree along with a degree from Greenwich University.
  • Multi-Cultural exposure and worldview essential for the globalized market.
  • International linkages and networks with increased career opportunities.
  • Fast-track program for your personal and professional profile.
  • Global Program sparks your resume as the gold standard.
  • Secure and Safe environment.
  • Opportunity for a once in a life time student experience abroad.
Do I need to know another language apart from English?

All courses will be taught in English to the Greenwich students. English is widely spoken in the countries we have selected to have academic partnerships with.

How long is the duration of this program?

It is a minimum of one semester.

Can I go to multiple countries under this program?

Yes, you may go to more than one country under the Global Program.

How I will obtain my visa?

Greenwich University will facilitate you with the visa process.

Who will be responsible for my boarding and lodging?

The student him/herself will be directly responsible for all living and traveling costs during the whole duration of their stay abroad.

What if my visa gets rejected?

Since this is an issue beyond the jurisdiction of the Greenwich University. The student will not be able to participate in the Global Program if their visa is rejected. However, if he or she likes they may apply again in the following semesters, given that, they are still eligible to apply.

Will I be allowed to work during my semester abroad?

Our students are not allowed to work in these countries, under a student visa.

What happens after I am accepted for the program?

The first step includes selecting your courses and applying for your visa. The admissions and counseling department will be assisting you with these tasks. The students are then advised to start looking and securing an accommodation a few months prior to the date of their expected departure.

What If fail a course?

In such a case, the student will have to follow the same protocol as they would have had they failed a course at Greenwich university. Which would mean that the student would have to retake the course upon their return, at Greenwich University before graduating.